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Persian Translation and Interpretation
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Persian Translation and Interpretation

There is much talk about quality service and quality this that and the other! At Speak Your Language (SYL) we actually live the quality standard beginning with our team of top notch linguists. We have professionally qualified and accredited Persian translators & interpreters.

SYL operates under stringent guidelines to recruit the best in the industry for its Persian translation and interpretation services. Each specialist is trained in their respective subject area in terms of native fluency in spoken and written language skills, content expertise and accuracy. Apart from the technical qualifications we also look for professionalism, dedication to duty and attention to detail.

It is the primary aim of Speak Your Language to be able to provide clients with the best possible Persian translation and interpretation service in terms of quality and accuracy.

Clients who use SYL’s Persian translation and interpretation services will benefit in terms of the highest quality of translation, competitive rates and a delivery that is never late in arriving on your desk. The professionalism and expertise of our team are the backbone of our dedication to providing excellent service. You simply can’t go wrong when you choose SYL to do the job for you.

As a business entity or individual there will be times when a Persian interpreter may be required to help translate a business deal or simply help you communicate better with the doctor you need to see. SYL does on-site and telephone interpreting to help clients with whatever requirement may arise.

Are you stumped by Persian translations?

Look no further than SYL to take the burden of quick, accurate and accredited Persian translation and interpretation off you.

Financial translations: SYL knows full well the importance of accuracy and reliability in translating financial statements and we doubly certain to provide this in our service. Persian language experts will apart from mandatory requirements of language expertise and skills are also trained in the knowledge of finance. From your balance sheets to bookkeeping records, bank statements, financial statements, annual reports, insurance documents, economic reports and other types of financial documents, SYL is available to provide highly accurate, error free translations.

At Speak Your Language regardless of the type of translation project we undertake, great emphasis is laid on the use of right terminology and adherence to any international standards that may apply. This is particularly important in legal and financial translations.

Persian language:

An interesting aside on the history of the Persian language: Persian or Parsi as it was known was spoken by the Parsa rulers of Iran way back in 550-330 BC. It is part of the Indo Iranian languages, which in turn belongs to the Indo European family of languages. In the glory days of old the language was widely spoken from India to Russia, the Persian Gulf to Egypt and part of the Mediterranean. Much of the modern day Persian or Farsi (Arabic pronunciation) is slowly being lost as it is being invaded by other languages.


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