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Dinka Translation and Interpreting

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Dinka Translation and Interpreting Services

At Speak Your Language (SYL) we believe in power of the written word and have built a business around this concept. Our business since we first began has been responsible for providing exceptional quality translation and interpretation services to a wide range of clients in Australia. Our client base is made of various sized companies, corporate entities and individuals.

To SYL, translation means first of all a clear understanding of the meaning of the text to be translated. This is followed by the production of an equivalent text in the target language that in effect communicates the exact same message. To avoid confusion, we go a step further in our explanations; just as we have the target language, we also have the source language for example, translations from the Dinka language to a target language means the Dinka language is the source language.

SYL can provide translations to and from 120 major and remote languages of Asian, Middle Eastern and European origin. Our carefully selected, highly qualified and field experienced translators do an excellent job of translating Dinka to English and English to Dinka as well as Dinka to other languages. Our team has expertise in various fields like finance, law, health, technology and more. While all of our translators are highly qualified we always match the translators to projects relating to their specialized field. This additional expertise helps us maintain stricter quality controls to ensure everything from content to syntax, spelling, language nuances and more are all taken into consideration.

Our NAATI level 3 or higher accredited translators can provide Dinka language translations in a wide range of fields including law, medicine, education, technology, personal documents and various other types of business documents. SYL can provide translation solutions for 120 languages and maintains strict adherence to the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics.

Dinka language

Interesting facts about the Dinka language: The Dinka language is part of the western Nilotic group of Nilo-Saharan languages, spoken mainly in Sudan. The language has 5 major dialects and the Rek dialect is considered the standard variety. Speakers of the Dinka language number approximately 2-3 million and live in Sudan, Egypt, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and the Netherlands. The Dinka language has a rich vowel system comprising 13 vowels that are divided into breathy and non-breathy groups. There are similarities of the language to English and French alphabets.

SYL’s interpreting services are provided by a team of native speaking experts who undertake onsite and telephone interpreting. We can provide interpretation assistance at conferences, seminars, business meetings and court hearings among others.

When a client approaches Speak Your Language for Dinka translation or interpretation services, the benefits to the client include: a complete end to end translation service that goes beyond simple translation. We provide through our expert translators 100% accuracy and reliability in translation of documents. Delivery of the documents can be either by email or a word document or any other method the client wishes to receive the translated documents in.

Because our team of professionals is highly qualified and experienced in specialised areas, our experts can provide comprehensive professional advice on the services we offer. Every query or telephone call we receive is treated with the utmost courtesy and will receive a reply.

At SYL we believe that placing the client first and ensuring total satisfaction with the services provided is the basis for our continued success. We always take the time to walk the client through the entire translation process and detail how we operate. We also maintain contact with clients to keep them apprised of how we will proceed with the specific project.

SYL provides translation and interpretation in the following languages apart from our Dinka language services.

Amharic  Croatian Chinese  Hebrew  Lao  Punjabi  Tamil Albanian  Czech  Hindi  Macedonian  RitrianTelegu Arabic  Dari  Hungarian  Malay  Romanian  Tetum Armenian  Dinka  Indonesian  Maltese  Russian  Thai Assyrian  Farsi  Iranian  Mandarin  Serbian  Tigre Auslan   Filipino  Italian  Marathi  Sinhalese  Tigrinya Bosnian  French  Japanese  Nuer  Somali  Turkish Bulgarian  Greek  Khmer (Cambodian)  Persian  Spanish  Ukrainian Cambodian (Khmer)  Gujarati  Korean  Polish  Sudanese  Urdu Cantonese  German  Kurdish  Portuguese Vietnamese

Please contact Speak Your Language to let us know how we can assist you with all of your Dinka or other language translation and interpretation requirements.

Call us now on 02 8734 3900 so we can help you in the shortest time possible and at very competitive rates.

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