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Lao Translation and Interpreting

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Lao Translation and Interpreting Services

Speak Your Language (SYL) translation and interpretation services provide a team of native linguists to handle client needs. Each of our translators and interpreters is credentialed and field tested in their chosen area of industry specialisation which includes but is not limited to finance, law, medicine, technology, education and more.
SYL accepts all types of projects from 100 words to thousands of words without any hesitation. Our clients are nationwide and we provide service in several cities. Our team of experts is always at hand to provide the assistance clients need and the complexity of the project is no problem for SYL. Our vast resources equip us more than adequately to handle all translation, interpretation (onsite and telephone), voice-overs, subtitling, and language tutoring and 24 hour emergency translation needs.

SYL offers Lao interpreting services through professionals who are native linguists, credited, credentialed and field trained to handle consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. We offer our services to cover various events like conferences, seminars, meetings and more. Our interpreters provide conscientious precision in their interpreting and ensure that tone, inflection, language nuances and cultural differences are appropriately added to the interpretation of the target language.
SYL accepts a variety of Lao to English and English to Lao translation projects as well as projects involving translations to and from Lao to other target languages. We will also provide editing and proofing of the finished material as part of our strict quality control procedures.

Speak Your Language is a highly ethical concern and follows the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics. We make it a practice to deal with NAATI Level 3 or higher accredited professionals and where professional accreditation is not available we use paraprofessional accredited professionals. When accreditation is not available our professionals have NAATI recognition to their credit.

Speak Your Language is a serious service provider of high repute, offering the highest quality Lao translation and interpretation services on the market. We believe in total transparency in all our dealings with our clients. In this regard our competitive rates are clearly spelled out without ambiguity to avoid misunderstandings.
At SYL our frontline staffs are trained professionals who provide courteous, timely responses to every query we receive. Our clients never have to wait interminably to be attended to. As part of our overall super-efficient customer service policy we continually strive to upgrade our services to provide the best to our clients.
When our clients choose SYL for their Lao translation and interpretation service provider they simply could not have made a better choice. Backed by a team of native linguists who are consummate professionals, we provide exceptional quality service to match every requirement the client has.

If a client has an emergency requirement for Lao translation we have the solution with our special 24/7 translation service. No effort is too great for SYL when it comes to taking care of the needs of our clients.

Lao language

Interesting facts about the Lao language: the Lao language or Laotian as it is also referred to is classified as a tonal language belonging to the Kradai (tonal languages found in China and Southeast Asia) family of languages. Lao is the official language of Laos and is also spoken in Thailand. Lao words are mostly monosyllabic with differences in pitch being used to distinguish between words that generally have the same pronunciation. The Lao language script is of Indic descent and it is the national language of Thailand. The language is spoken in Laos, Thailand, Australia, France, Argentina, China and Canada. There are approximately 6 million people worldwide who speak the language.


Please contact Speak Your Language to let us know how we can assist you with all of your Lao or other language translation and interpretation requirements.

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