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Amharic Translation and Interpreting

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Amharic Translation and Interpreting Services

At Speak Your Language (SYL) we have combined the expert knowledge of a panel of translators and interpreters to provide clients with superior quality services. Our services include translation, interpretation, on-site interpretation and over the phone interpretation. Most of the members of our expert panel have NAATI Level 3 qualifications or higher.

At SYL we make your business our business and respect the client’s need for confidentiality to the ‘nth’ degree. Apart from Amharic, we can provide translation and interpretation for a very wide range of languages.

The following list will give you an idea of the wideness of the spectrum of languages we work with to provide translation and interpretation for:

Amharic  Croatian  Hebrew  Lao  Punjabi  Tamil Albanian  Czech  Hindi  Macedonian  RitrianTelegu Arabic  Dari  Hungarian  Malay  Romanian  Tetum Armenian  Dinka  Indonesian  Maltese  Russian  Thai Assyrian  Farsi  Iranian  Mandarin  Serbian  Tigre Auslan   Filipino  Italian  Marathi  Sinhalese  Tigrinya Bosnian  French  Japanese  Nuer  Somali  Turkish Bulgarian  Greek  Khmer (Cambodian)  Persian  Spanish  Ukrainian Cambodian (Khmer)  Gujarati  Korean  Polish  Sudanese  Urdu Cantonese  German  Kurdish  Portuguese  Swahili  Vietnamese  Chinese

Regardless of the kind of Amharic translation you are looking for, from as little as 100 words or pages of text, our SYL experts will help you by producing accurate and reliable translations in an amazingly quick time frame. From the moment you contact SYL you are in good hands with an expert who is qualified to meet your specific language requirements.
Take the Amharic language for example, which is a sematic (Afroasiatic family) language spoken by the Amharic in North Central Ethiopia. You would be hard pressed to find reliable translation and interpretation of a sematic language second in the world only to Arabic. This language has an official status and is widely used, which makes it all the more important to have an expert translating and interpreting for you.

Amharic is spoken by the ethnic Amharic group located in the central highlands of Ethiopia and there are roughly 27 million speakers of the language. In addition, approximately 15 million more people speak it as a second language and it enjoys prominence as the working language of the military, government institutions and the Ethiopic Orthodox church. As people moved countries, the use of the language spread across the globe and at SYL we are fully aware of our clients’ requirements in this specific area.
For a better understanding of the services we provide we detail SYL’s services below:


SYL provides general translation services of Amharic documents, web pages and reports among others. We also provide translations for specific professions that include legal regulatory translation of reports and documents; academic transcripts and credentials; medical reports and person documents like certificates for births, adoptions, marriages, divorces and deaths.
Thanks in large part to our panel of expert translators; SYL is able to provide translation from English to most any other language and vice versa. Our NAATI accredited translators can undertake any kind of translation job that you require without any problem.
SYL fully understands the need for expert translation in a limited amount of time. To meet our clients’ urgent needs we have on offer a 24 hour express translation service that is guaranteed to give you exceptional service.


At SYL we provide clients with two options for Amharic interpretation services. We do onsite interpretation as well as over the phone interpretation. The client can choose whichever option best suits their requirements.

  •  Onsite: if your situation requires a person present at your place to do the interpreting, we are more than happy to provide qualified, trained interpreters at your proposed location.
  •  Over the phone: SYL is fully aware of the importance of communication as a vital tool in all walks of life from business to personal affairs. We can assist you with your interpretation requirements anytime you need help.

SYL can also help with Australian Sign Language (Auslan) requirements. This language is for the hearing impaired in Australia. We have experienced people on call 24/7 to help you with your interpretation needs – just call us and we do the rest. It does not matter what your specific requirement is and regardless of whether you need interpretation for medical, industrial, educational, legal, financial or any other area, SYL is there to assist you.

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