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Cantonese Translation and Interpreting

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Cantonese Translation and Interpreting Services

Speak Your Language (SYL) is a language translation and interpretation service offering an exceptional service quality to meet nationwide company and individual requirements. We operate under a strict work policy where the client and their requirements always come first.

Do you have a requirement for Cantonese translation or interpretation services? Are you planning to expand your business globally and need webpages translated into several different languages to be able to reach your target audience in several different countries? Have you recently migrated and are looking for assistance in translating a lease agreement or a driving license application form?

We do all this and more at Speak Your Language. From the most complicated tasks to the simplest we undertake to give clients a service to remember.

Clients in need of Cantonese interpretation services to help gain a better understanding of Cantonese business counterparts, SYL will provide a range of services that include on-site interpreting at meetings, seminars, conferences and delegations; over the phone interpreting and voice-over services.

Through SYL’s range of Cantonese translation services and skilfully efficient team we assist clients in conducting business operations smoothly. SYL successfully conquers the language barrier through the provision of simply outstanding translation services in over 120 European and Asian languages. Our services help companies to temper the risks associated with venturing into new waters in lands whose language the client does not know.

The SYL team of super-efficient trained and accredited professionals all function in strict adherence to the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics. Each one of the carefully selected members on our team has the knowledge, skills and experience in their specialised field.

In order to give our clients the very best translation services we provide end to end Cantonese translations that include but are not limited to the following services:

Document translation: birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, handbooks, manuals, legal contracts, software content, website content, business plans, brochures, leaflets, instruction manuals, technical manuals, reports, medical documents and any other type of document that needs to be translated.

Legal translation: all types of legal contracts, letters and reports that cover foreign legal text translation, registration documents, arbitration documents, contract documents, correspondence, immigration, property, wills and all other types of documents that fall within the purview of the law.
Speak Your Language team knows full well that a single misplaced word in a legal document can easily lay the foundation for a lawsuit. Moreover, the law differs from country to another; our experienced legal professionals are trained in all the aspects of the law.

All of our legal translations and for that matter every single translation we do at SYL is error free and accurate. Our skilled legal translators incorporate everything making no errors of omission and paying great attention to detail.

Financial translation: SYL has finance experts in the Cantonese language on their team to handle all the verbatim translation of financial statements. We are conscious of what an error in the numbers could cost our client in terms of monetary and legal implications. Our finance people can translate financial statements, balance sheets, analysis reports, stock reports, annual reports, booking keeping records and other types of financial documents.

Speak Your Language offers their translation and interpretation services in the following languages as well apart from the Cantonese language:
Amharic  Croatian Chinese  Hebrew  Lao  Punjabi  Tamil Albanian  Czech  Hindi  Macedonian  RitrianTelegu Arabic  Dari  Hungarian  Malay  Romanian  Tetum Armenian  Dinka  Indonesian  Maltese  Russian  Thai Assyrian  Farsi  Iranian  Mandarin  Serbian  Tigre Auslan   Filipino  Italian  Marathi  Sinhalese  Tigrinya Bosnian  French  Japanese  Nuer  Somali  Turkish Bulgarian  Greek  Khmer (Cambodian)  Persian  Spanish  Ukrainian Cambodian (Khmer)  Gujarati  Korean  Polish  Sudanese  Urdu Cantonese  German  Kurdish  Portuguese Vietnamese

Cantonese Language:
An interesting aside on the history of the Cantonese language: Cantonese is also referred to as Standard Cantonese and is spoken in Guangzhou or what was once the city of Canton, located in Southern China. The language is also largely spoken in Hong Kong and Macau. There are over a billion Chinese people and immigrants to other countries have carried the Cantonese language across the seas to America, Canada, UK, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia among others.

Speak Your Language specialises in providing professional translation services of documentation in diverse industries. We are also a specialised service provider of language interpreting expertise when and where needed by the client. Call us now on 02 8734 3900 for any help in Cantonese translation and interpretation you require.

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