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Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) Interpretation Our Services

At SYL we don’t believe in stopping where we are to rest on our laurels, rather we hold firm to the notion that continuous progress is the best way forward. We have gone an extra step forward to provide an AUSLAN interpretation service in various disciplines.

SYL has specialists who are trained and accredited to assist with Auslan interpretation. Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community.

The importance of Auslan interpretation and SYL’s role

Speak Your Language is a company with vision and the moment we realized there was a need to reach out to the 750 thousand or so hearing impaired people in Australia, we decided to implement a service that would benefit them. With all the changes in government legislation to ensure user accessibility and inclusivity, SYL is ahead of the game to provide excellent interpretation services for the hearing impaired, most of whom are not native English speakers.

We have as part of the SYL team qualified Auslan interpreters who can handle interpretation in a range of disciplines from legal to medical, rehabilitation, financial, educational and more.

Speak Your Language provides interpreters to people who use the Auslan sign language to communicate and need an interpreter to assist them. The services cover a wide spectrum of activities from the boardroom to the classroom. We help companies who need our services for a hearing impaired employee and individuals with hearing problems to overcome communication barriers that are erected because of their hearing impairment.

At SYL it is our goal to empower people to raise the standards of communication through the use of our top notch Auslan interpreters. We are on call 24/7 for any requirements you may have. We can help you to interpret a video conference meeting you may have with a business counterpart in America. We can help clients participate in board meetings, seminars, conferences and all other types of meetings by being onsite to interpret using the Auslan language.

SYL’s Auslan service is not limited to only companies but is offered to every individual who cares to make use of it. Our qualified, expert interpreter will go with a client to attend a medical appointment, meet with a lawyer, keep a court appointment and discuss banking transactions among others. The list of our services for our clients is an ever expanding one. All the client needs to do is contact us. It can be done by having someone call us by telephone or by sending us an email. All our contact information is on our website so please log on to find out more details.

In keeping with our ethical business practices, SYL treats every client with the dignity and respect they so richly deserve. We treat every project as our number one priority and provide the very best service possible each time, every time. Each one of our Auslan experts are consummate professionals, highly qualified and experienced in their specialised field.

In addition to our Auslan service, Speak Your Language offers their translation and interpretation services in over 120 languages as well apart from the Spanish language.

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