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Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  • By participating in the Speak Your Language Referral Program, you are stating that the named referral provided by you is eligible for this program and that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the program;
  • The referrer may refer as many candidates or clients as they choose as long as the referrals meet Speak Your Language eligibility requirements;
  • A referral can only be made through The Speak Your Language Referral Program via the Speak Your Language website ( ) under ‘Referral Program’; (what about the card that was given in the envelope, and there is nowhere on the website to submit referral)
  • Only if the referred prospect is successfully and actively using Speak Your Language Services for a three month period, will a referral reward be forwarded to you, the referring party.  A Successful referral is defined as a candidate or client that completes the three month period. In this case a successful placement is defined as when the candidate or client completes the initial three full-time-equivalent month assignment or engagement of Speak Your Language service/s;
  • The minimum qualifying period under the Speak Your Language’s referral program is a three month full time equivalent assignment (continuous service) with a minimum amount of $500 or more spent; (each month or over the three months?)
  • The Referral Program only applies to Speak Your Language’s Interpreting Services Only and excludes all translation services. The Monetary value of translations will be excluded from the Minimum $500 amount required to be eligible for the reward.
  • Only new candidates or clients can be referred.  That means that it must be the applicant’s first official related contact with Speak Your Language.  You cannot refer candidates and clients who have used services or registered with Speak Your Language unless a period of six months has elapsed;
  • In the event that a referral is submitted twice from different referrers than the first referral will be eligible for the reward;
  • Referrals are not valid where the prospect and the referring party are one and the same person or company;
  • It is your responsibility to ascertain whether the referral has engaged services with or has been placed by Speak Your Language before submitting the referral;
  • Once the referral is received, Speak Your Language will make contact with the referral prospect within five working days.  Contact will be made to the referral prospect through telephone and/or email as provided by you, the referrer;
  • The referrer will receive their reward no more than thirty days following the three month continuous assignment or engagement of service of the referred candidate or client;
  • Referrals will be valid for six months from the date a candidate or client referral is received by Speak Your Language.  There will be no rewards for referrals beyond the six month referral term;
  • Referral rewards will be provided as Gift Cards, Gift Baskets or donation to a charity of your choice only.  The amount offered as a reward is what is included on the Speak Your Language website at the time the referral is submitted;
  • To claim your reward from Speak Your Language please contact us directly to advise the staff of the gift of choice.
  • Respecting your privacy is of great importance to us.  Please see Speak Your Language’s website privacy policy for further details;
  • Respecting the privacy of others is also of great importance.  Any referral must be authorised by the person or business that is referred to Speak Your Language.  By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that you have the authority to disclose the name of the person or business who is referred to us.  Without this authority you acknowledge that you are ineligible to participate in the Speak Your Language Referral Program;
  • The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice.  This program may be terminated at Speak Your Language’s discretion.  For further information please email

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