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3-Way Telephone Interpreting

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3-Way Telephone Interpreting

Looking to set up inter-language conference calls with a third party with minimal fuss? Our 3-way telephone interpreting service takes all the stress out of the task, with our in-house experts handling the entire process from dialing out to the third party using our conference calling software, to interpreting the conversation seamlessly from start to finish.

How does it work?

Simply provide us with the details of your required interpreting languages as well as the phone number for the third party you wish to contact and we’ll take care of the rest. We will connect the call between you, us, and the third party you wish to contact and you’re ready to start chatting straight away.

Who might need 3-way telephone interpreting?

If you’re not confident with setting up conference calls, or not sure if you have the capability to do so on your phone, our 3-way telephone interpreting service is perfect for you. There are many situations in both business and personal contexts where you may need to communicate with a speaker of another language over the phone. If you’re a business, you may need to communicate with foreign-speaking customers, consultants, or business partners, or even foreign offices, overseas governments, banks, or other overseas service providers. Individuals may need help communicating with service providers or other individuals either in Australia or overseas. Our experienced interpreters can help with everything from complex business negotiations to highly sensitive personal conversations, offering professional interpreting services in over 120 languages.

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