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Reverse Phone Interpreting

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Reverse Phone Interpreting

Speak Your Language’s reverse phone interpreting service facilitates multi-language telephone communications in reverse.

This allows your clients to reach out to you in their native language and make conference calls while the interpreter facilitates communication so that everyone on the call understands what is being said.
Our reverse phone call interpreting service is available to your client as they can call us asking to be connected to you so that they can advise you of important information or changes in their circumstances and details or to pose any questions they may have.

We help your clients liaise with you regarding financial transactions, bank loans, credit card services, insurance policies, insurance claims, billing information, travel planning, human resource functions, emergency services and so much more.

Whether you’re an individual, a government department, a small to mid-sized business, or large corporation – whether you’re involved healthcare, law, finance, technology, human resources, computer technology or some other field, we’re here to help you to successfully bridge communication gaps when communicating over the phone. And to help you provide the utmost in client service in any language you require.

Our reverse phone interpreting service is available to clients for almost any language as Speak Your Language deals in over 120 languages spoken around the globe in Asia, Africa, Europe, Far East and Middle Eastern regions.

Your client needs to contact us on 02 87343900. To initiate the call with you in their language, they will need to provide the following information:

1. Your Organisation’s name
2. Consultant name or name of contact
3. Client Name and ID number, if available
4. Language requested

Speak Your Language will then contact you advising you of the Client name and transfer the call across and facilitate the conversation only when accepted by you.

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