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Malay Translation and Interpretation

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Malay Translation and Interpreting Services

Speak Your Language (SYL) is a reliable, accurate and competitively priced service provider for a host of translation and interpretation requirements. Recognising the need for superior quality services we have made every possible effort to provide services that help our clients successfully bridge the divide language and cultural differences cause.

We have a nationwide base of clients comprising business entities of various sizes and individuals. We assist clients to establish themselves in global markets by providing translation services in the country’s native language. We also assist individuals who are trying to get established in English speaking countries by providing translations into Malay language for our Malay speaking clients.

At SYL, each one of our services from translation to interpretation, voice-overs and subtitling are all stamped with a high quality, superior performance. Our panel of expert native linguists can handle most any job and the more complex the job, the more the challenge to our expertise.

Malay language:

Interesting facts about the Malay language: considered one of the major languages of the Austronesian family, the standardised version of the language has official status in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The Malay language is also one of Singapore’s 4 official languages and is used as a working language in East Timor. There are approximately 40 million native speakers of the language spread over various parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. There are an estimated 140 million people worldwide who speak Malay as a second language. Malay speakers are found in Malaysia, Brunei, Timor, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka in the main and in other parts of the globe where there are Malay speaking communities.

It does not matter who needs our Malay translation and interpretation services, whether a business or an individual. Businesses looking to expand into new markets are always in need of excellent quality translation services to help translate a range of business documents, legal documents, employee manuals, handbooks, webpages and more. Individuals generally seek help with Malay translation of contracts and other personal documents. At SYL we are always ready to accept any project however simple or complex the task maybe.

Speak Your Language offers its services based on the highest quality and accuracy. We are a well-established, reliable organisation that provides Malay translation and interpretation to clients. Our business is founded on integrity and confidentiality. We work in strict adhere to Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics.

Recruitment procedures at SYL are very stringent; we seek to hire only the best in the market. This policy enables us to provide in turn the best possible Malay translation and interpretation services to our clients. Each of our team of expert native linguists can translate from Malay to English and English to Malay with consummate ease.
SYL has a portfolio of 120 languages we provide translation for and we can offer this service to translate to and from Malay into any other target language. Thanks in large part to globalisation on a major scale, the demand for excellent quality Malay translation and interpretation services has risen greatly. We are always available to provide the assistance our clients seek to match their requirements.

At SYL we don’t stop with the production of a translation, we make 100% certain to include the nuances of the language and ensure the cultural appropriateness matches. It does not surprise us that our Malay translation and interpretation services are very much in demand, our clients are the best testimony to our ethical and quality driven attitude to business.


Please contact Speak Your Language to let us know how we can assist you with all of your Malay or other language translation and interpretation requirements.

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