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Chinese Translation and Interpretation

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Chinese Translation and Interpreting Services


Need reliable Chinese Language translation services? Get a free quote from Speak Your Language now.

We provide comprehensive Chinese translation services so that you will be able to fully understand any document originally written in Chinese.

Our Chinese translation services include:

  • Chinese Certificate  – (Chinese Birth Certificates, Chinese Marriage Certificates, Chinese Divorce documentation and Chinese Academic certificates)
  • Chinese Medical and legal Translation.
  • Chinese Technical Translation – for example technical drawings and plans, operating manuals and web pages).
  • Chinese Personal Documents – such as letters, recipes and heirlooms.

Contact us now when you need business, medical, technical, or personal documents translated to & from Chinese.

Do You Need the Services of a Chinese Interpreter?

Do you only understand a few basic Chinese terms and phrases? Can you speak even fewer? Do the different pronunciation tones confuse you?

Whether your need an interpreter for a short legal meeting or for an entire conference, Speak Your Language can assist you by providing a variety of Interpreting Solutions:

  1. Onsite Interpreting
  2. Phone Interpreting
  3. Reverse Phone Interpreting
  4. Interpreting Message Delivery
  5. Auslan Sign Language Interpreting

Call Speak Your Language when you need interpretative language support for a range of events, from interviews to video-conferences and online meetings.

Call us, toll free on 1300 000 795, or on 02 8734 3900, for professional help.

About the Chinese Language

Chinese is a truly ancient language; did you know that Archaeologists discovered early forms of Chinese writing on animal bones and tortoise shells that date back to the Shang dynasty over 3,000 years ago?

An interesting aside on the history of this language: it belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family and though often regarded as one language, it is actually a combination of several dialects, all sharing the same formal written language style.

It is of course widely spoken across China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and every other place in the world where there are Chinese communities – although overseas speakers are more likely to speak Cantonese or Hokkien than Mandarin.

A staggering one billion-plus people speak the language – that equates to one fifth of the world’s population speaking it as their native language.

About Speak Your Language

Speak Your Language provides Chinese NAATI certified interpreters and translators for over 120 different languages. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth – so we can assist you all throughout the country.

We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week Chinese language translation services to ensure our clients receive the quickest response possible. This allows us to provide client emergency translation services swiftly and when needed.

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