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Medical Interpreter Services

Get the right information across when your patients have a limited understanding of your language. Get on-site or off-site medical interpreters to make your healthcare system more effective, safe, and effective than ever in your patients’ native languages. When it comes to healthcare and medicine, there is no room for doubt, neither at the doctor’s

How Video & Phone Interpreters Can Help During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With thousands of confirmed novel Coronavirus cases across Australia, many businesses have temporarily shut down in order to limit the spread during the pandemic outbreak. This virus has first broken out in Wuhan, in central China. The virus has now spread to almost all countries, with over 650,000 cases globally. The Australian Government is now


The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak which has originated at the Wuhan province in China in late 2019 has now become a global pandemic that has affected almost all countries across the globe, with the number of cases skyrocketing in the USA, China, parts of Europe and many other regions. Australia has thousands of cases, which

3 Certificates Translation to Get Them NAATI Certified

If you are looking for a translation company servicing Australia-wide, you are at the right place. At Speak Your Language, you will find a team of NAATI certified translators to offer you official documents translation that are approved by all entities across Australia, including immigration authorities, legal bodies and others. We go above and beyond

Medical Interpreters vs Legal Interpreters

Interpreting services are provided across Australia to overcome communication barriers, this includes phone interpreting services and well as onsite interpreting. When it comes to the medical or legal interpreting services, medical and legal interpreters are always required to be engaged for court hearings, hospital critical discussions and decisions, service agencies, banks, as well as other

Common Challenges Professional Interpreters Face

Professional translation and interpretation services come with their challenges in order to bridge the communication barrier. While interpreting might sound similar to translation, the former is more complex due to the nature of it and the speed it should be done at, whether it’s for phone interpreting or reverse interpreting service, there are challenges that

What Are the Most Difficult Words to Translate?

Translation and interpretation help overcoming the communication boundaries between people who speak different languages, but sometimes hiring a cheap translator might not be the best option especially when translating sensitive documents or when translating books that might contain some words that are very culture-specific, making them hard to translate, and would require a NAATI certified

Facts About Languages from the Translation Experts

How old is human language? Up till this day, nobody knows when exactly a spoken language was used to effectively communicate, but researchers believe that spoken languages have been evolving with humanity that keeps developing in stages, which also developed further when people spoke to more than one language, allowing the existence of expert translators

Translation Challenges: What to Expect?

Different languages, cultures, slangs and people will definitely mean some challenges when it comes to translation. Translation is not just about writing a translated document from the source to the target language, there is more to it than just that, this is why people use accredited translators in Australia when it comes to critical documents

Situations Requiring a Professional Interpreter

Professional interpreters are hired every day for various purposes to convert a conversation from one language to another, therefore sometimes they are referred to as oral translators, which explains the service offered by many accredited translation companies in Australia. Many Australian residents need a professional interpreter who can help them communicate in critical situations where


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