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How Long Does Translation Take?

A question that we often get asked is how long the translation of a document take. The answer varies depending on the components. The translation time and speed can vary depending on numerous factors and can become complex if the project is large or has specific requirements.   Factors That Affect Translation Time The translator’s

The Challenges Of Chinese Translation

Chinese translation is becoming increasingly popular. It also happens to be one of the hardest languages to translate due to its complexity! Some Chinese characters convey different meanings when combined together and since there is no official alphabet, this makes it much more difficult. There is a significant difference in Chinese and English grammar, as

Why You Should Localise Your Website?

What Is Website Localisation? Website localisation is the process of adapting website content to the local language and culture of your users. This allows you to provide the most valuable and relevant experience for your target audience. If you think it’s as easy as a simple text translation, you are incorrect!   Localising a website

Difference Between Translation and Interpretation

Over the past couple of years, cross-communication around the globe has increased and so has the demand for translation and interpretation. Multilingual content is helping businesses get ahead of the game. As readily available content increases, the need for translation and interpretation follows suit! So, what is the difference between translation and interpretation?   What

Common Mistakes In Translation

Communicating in a foreign language can be very challenging. You need to consider many things including tone, tempo and slang words. There are many benefits to using a translator with a native tongue. They will have a firm understanding of the culture and the true meaning of phrases. There are many common translation mistakes and

Who Can Translate Documents For Immigration?

As part of the process to migrate to Australia, you will be requested to provide a long list of documents to support your visa application. As a migrant, you will not be expected to have the original documents in English but you should be able to provide a certified translated document. We recommend that you

What Does An Interpreter Do?

What Is Interpreting? Interpreting is the process of converting oral communication between multiple parties who are speaking different languages by rending it from the source to the target language to establish clear communication between the different parties. Before converting the conversation from the source to the target language, a professional interpreter has to analyse the

Why Is Translation Important?

In an era of globalisation where there are hundreds of languages spoken by different people, the world needs an effective way to understand and communicate. While it is clear that English is a global language, many other languages are spoken around the world. This is why translation is important in bridging this communication barrier. Translation

Do Translated Documents Need To Be Notarized Or Certified?

When you are presenting foreign documents to legal entities or organisations within Australia, you often have to provide evidence that the document was translated by a certified translator. This is either done by going through a certified translation company or getting notarized translations from an official representative.   What Translated Documents Have To Be Certified?

How Important is NAATI Accreditation?

The primary aim of the National Accreditation Authority For Translator and Interpreters (NAATI) is to maintain and promote high national standards for the interpreting and translating industry. It awards different types of accreditations based upon the level and type of job. NAATI accredited translators are the only translators accepted by employers for interpretation and translation


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