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How To Translate A Healthcare Website?

As healthcare professionals, making sure your patients are informed and comfortable is your first focus, and this doesn’t just start when they walk in your door. If your website is not in their native language, it creates a barrier to understanding.   Why Should You Translate Your Healthcare Website? Improves Patient Experience Most people will

How To Get A Marriage Certificate Translated To English?

Do you need a marriage certificate translated into English or another language? At Speak Your Language, we have the highly-skilled NAATI certified translators that can translate your certification and legal documents within 24 hours depending on the level of certification required. These include marriage certificates, birth certificates and divorce certificates.   Why You Might Need

When Should You Avoid Cheap Translation Services?

Some documents are extremely hard to translate and thus should be done by a professional translator or a reliable translation company to ensure they are done to the highest standards, especially if they contain sensitive information or are to be submitted to professional organisations or government bodies. So what are the most difficult documents to

How To Choose A Translation Company In Australia?

If you are looking to find an Australian translation service to look after your ongoing documents, contract translation or interpreting needs, you should do some research to ensure you will be dealing with one of the best translation agencies in Australia (and not just someone who happens to speak more than one language). These are

Cultural Considerations in Professional Translation

Professional NAATI translators and interpreters bridge the gap in communication between people speaking different languages, providing their services through reliable translation companies in Australia and globally. Translators do not just translate word-to-word, but they need to understand the context and translate from the source to the target language efficiently while considering cultural differences. Cultural difference

What Does Language Mean?

Simply put, language is the method of communication used by a group of people. It is the primary way for human communication and consists of words that are conveyed by speech, writing, or gesture. Whether spoken or written, the arrangement of the words through grammatical structure is what makes a language understandable and concise. Some

Will AI Translation Replace Professional Translators?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has seen a great improvement over the last decade with the technology allowing computers and programs to self-learn and improve upon themselves. Through AI, computers can learn how to reprogram their code to allow for better performance. Translation services are one of the popular industries where AI is kicking off, but

Popular English Idioms and Their Interpretation

English is not extremely hard to learn unlike many other languages like Chinese or Arabic, but the common slang, expressions and idioms can sometimes be hard to understand or translate word-to-word. When you hire a professional interpreter or translator, they should understand these as they are usually native speakers of the languages, but other translators

Translation Companies and Multinational Business

In a global world with multinational companies, the existence of professional translators is more important than ever, with larger companies partnering with trusted translation companies in Australia to cater to all their requirements daily, making reaching to their clients as easy and smooth as possible to improve their chances of growth and success. If you

Using Auslan Interpreters In Educational Settings Tips

With all the changes in government legislation to ensure user accessibility and inclusivity, Speak Your Language is ahead of the game to provide excellent interpretation services for the hearing impaired, most of whom are not native English speakers. We have qualified Auslan interpreters who can handle interpretation in a range of disciplines from legal to


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