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Translation Challenges: What to Expect?

Different languages, cultures, slangs and people will definitely mean some challenges when it comes to translation. Translation is not just about writing a translated document from the source to the target language, there is more to it than just that, this is why people use accredited translators in Australia when it comes to critical documents

Situations Requiring a Professional Interpreter

Professional interpreters are hired every day for various purposes to convert a conversation from one language to another, therefore sometimes they are referred to as oral translators, which explains the service offered by many accredited translation companies in Australia. Many Australian residents need a professional interpreter who can help them communicate in critical situations where

Express Document Translation: Step by Step Guide

At Speak Your Language, we conduct hundreds of documents translations in over 120 languages on a daily basis. Being in the industry for long enough, we understand many customers are often in a rush to receive their translated documents as quick as possible, so we ensure our translations processing times are minimised without compromising quality,

7 Odd Idioms From Around the World

Idioms are words that are not used in their literal meaning, but they are rather used to express a feeling, and obviously if we look at how to translate these, they wouldn’t just need a good translator, but rather a native speaker who understand the slang and what it means in a different language. In

Translation Services: Affordable or Not?

They say music is the universal language of mankind, while this is true, the world still needs linguistic translations and interpretation services to bridge the communication gap between different language speakers. There are many translation companies in Australia offering certified translation services, accredited by NAATI – the national standards and accreditation body for translators and

On-demand Phone Translation Service: How It Works

As part of our translation and interpretation services across Australia at Speak Your Language, we offer phone interpreting services, which people refer to as ‘phone translation’, a solution where language support is provided over the phone for 2 or more people who do not speak the same language. This is an alternative to consecutive interpretation,

Certificate Translation: Questions & Answers

Speak Your Language offers a range of translation & interpretation solutions including documents & certificates’ translation services Australia-wide. As a leading translation company, we provide our services to individuals and organisations through a team of accredited translators, providing our services in more than 120 languages. Our NAATI certified translators cover a range of translation requirements

Healthcare Interpreting Service: When to Hire a Certified Interpreter?

Australia is a multicultural country, welcoming visitors & migrants from different countries to stay in Australia, some of which would not necessarily be fluent in English, which means they’d require a certified interpreter in certain situations, including when dealing within the healthcare industry. A healthcare interpreter provides connects the dots through a professional interpretation service

A Guide to Phone Interpreting & In-person Interpreting

In a day & age where translation and language services are becoming more essential for businesses’ success, especially in a multi-cultural country like Australia, interpreting services are also becoming a must for effective communication, and our role as a leading translation & interpreters’ provider is to provide the required service along with the technology that

Translation Services: How Accurate is Google Translate?

Many people looking for quick translation services in Australia tend to use Google Translate for their day-to-day express translations. This is obviously not a professional translation nor NAATI acceptable translations for official use, however they are accurate enough to use whenever the need for a professional translator can be waived. The Google translation tool is


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