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Legal Documents Translation: Top Challenges

When you are looking for a legal document’s translator, you need to understand that this is a job that has to be performed by a professional NAATI translator. The smallest errors could lead to issues that would not end well. This is especially true for critical documents including certificates, licences, permits, legal contracts and business

Hospital Medical Interpreters: What Are Some Common Issues?

Due to the multicultural nature of Australia, it is not uncommon in hospitals to see a patient that speaks little or no English, with some people accompanying them to offer medical translation or interpreting. While this is OK to handle a non-critical situation, there are, however, many lingering doubts. It is not always easy for

Will Cheap Translation Services Cost More?

The answer is yes – it will not give you the value you are looking for. Value for money As one of the best translation companies in Australia, the most common question we get asked is ‘how much does a translation cost’ and we are often asked about cheap translation services. We are not the

What Are the Most Common Complaints About Translation Services?

During the past few decades, the world has seen a huge transformation through globalisation, which in turn has created a need for reliable translation services whether through translation companies or freelance translators. With the industry being full of cheap translators that are not certified as well as good translation companies, many translators report that it’s

NAATI: Why Choose Certified NAATI Translators?

At Speak Your Language, we help thousands of clients with their translation and interpreting requirements through our panel of NAATI certified translators. It is important to understand when it is optional to go for a NAATI accredited translation and when it is a must (such as when dealing with government authorities including DIAC, DFAT, passport

What to Ask When Choosing a Translation Company

If you have been looking for a translation company in Sydney or Australia to partner with your company’s projects or your personal requirements, you will need to ensure you are dealing with a reliable agency. With many translators available to choose from, it is difficult to decide on which company to go with, and whether

Common Translation Documents for Migrating Families

Those who are looking to migrate to Australia usually require a lot of document translation as part of the move. Immigration bodies in Australia require NAATI certified translations for any documents that are supplied in any language other than English. Families should hold a certified translation of the following documents: Birth certificate for each family

How to Tell If You Need an Interpreter

The need for a professional interpreter should always be assessed and decided before the appointment, as in many cases the person cannot determine if the situation will necessitate hiring an interpreter or not. Assessing the need for an interpreter When you are looking to hire an interpreter, it is important to determine how proficient a

Contract and Agreement Translation Services

In a multicultural country like Australia that is open to international trade with different countries that are using a range of languages, English is not always the sole language used in trade and day-to-day business. There will always be a requirement for professional translators and interpreters to facilitate the language complexities and cross the communication

Professional Interpreting Services: What are the Different Types of Interpreting?

At Speak Your Language, our team of professional on-call interpreters provide a range of interpreting services and solutions to a variety of customers across Australia. We offer translation and interpreting services in over 120 languages to individuals as well as businesses of all shapes and sizes. With the latest technology we have implemented in our


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