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Stages Of The Translation Process

What Is Translation? Translation is the process of converting written text from one language into a different language while ensuring that the meaning of the original document is retained by taking into account the social, cultural and linguistic nuances of the source and target language. Translation is used when a source text (e.g. foreign novels,

Which Chinese Dialect Should You Translate To?

How Many Chinese Dialects Are There? China is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world with over 300 languages being used across the country.  While these languages are classified as Chinese dialects, they are so linguistically distinct from each other that many consider them completely separate languages. These dialects can be divided

Differences Between Closed Captions & Subtitles

What Is Subtitle Translation? Subtitle translation is the process of translating spoken dialogue from a video into written text in a different language. Once translated, the written subtitles are synced up with the images, so that viewers who do not understand the spoken language can understand the content by reading the subtitles. One of the

The Importance Of Context In Translation

What Is Contextual Translation? Contextual translation is the process of interpreting the full meaning of the source text and taking into account relevant background information before reproducing the same meaning text in another language. Contextual translation is one of the main translation principles and is an essential part of the translation process. This is because

How Does Machine Translation Work?

What Is Machine Translation? Machine translation is a process whereby text is automatically translated from one language to another via a computer program. Because machine translation is an automated process, it can be used to translate large volumes of text without human input. While this sounds great in theory, anyone who has used Google Translate

What Is Interpreting Services ?

Interpreting services help facilitate conversation between speakers of two different languages. Interpreters must decipher verbal information provided in one language and then accurately convey the speaker‘s precise meaning in a different language. They must be able to interpret both languages and switch seamlessly between both to facilitate a smooth conversation between the two parties. Interpreting

What Is The Official Language Of Australia?

An official language is a language explicitly nominated by a country and given special legal status. That specific language must be used in specific contexts such as official documentation and by the government. Though English is used in these contexts within Australia, the country doesn’t actually have an official language. Instead, English is identified by

What Is An Auslan Interpreter?

What Is Auslan? Auslan is short for Australian sign language and it is used to communicate with Australians who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Like other sign languages, Auslan uses hand movements and facial expressions to convey meaning.   What Is An Auslan Interpreter? An Auslan interpreter is somebody who is fluent in both

What Is Back Translation?

Back translation, which is also referred to as reverse or double translation is a localisation method that involves retranslation of the text word-for-word from the target language back to its source language. For example, if a professional translator is translating a document from English to German, they’ll also include a translation back into English. So

Difference Between Localisation And Translation

The terminology translation and localisation is often used interchangeably with many people being unaware that they are different. It is important to understand the difference and when is the right time to choose one over the latter. Translation is the process of rendering text from one language into another so that the meaning is equivalent.


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