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Onsite Interpreting Services
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Medical Interpreter Services

Medical Interpreter Services

Get the right information across when your patients have a limited understanding of your language. Get on-site or off-site medical interpreters to make your healthcare system more effective, safe, and effective than ever in your patients’ native languages.

When it comes to healthcare and medicine, there is no room for doubt, neither at the doctor’s nor at the patient’s end.

Our professional medical interpreters make your job as a doctor, a health worker, or a healthcare organization easy and efficient.

We offer you to choose from a range of certified medical interpreters who are equally skilled at both the languages they are dealing with.

Speak Your Language, as the name suggests, offers a wide spectrum of languages used globally. We have medical interpreters that provide interpretation support for more than 120 languages to our clients across the length and breadth of Australia.

When it comes to medical interpretation, it is not like regular language interpretation. There needs to be much more clarity, much more experience with both the languages, so much so that there is no scope for misinterpretation.

Why Hire a Medical Interpreter?

Are you dealing with foreign patients who do not speak your language? But in any case, you need to be compliant with health regulations?

A medical interpreter is the one who helps you here. While upholding patient-doctor confidentiality ethics, an interpreter will make your job easy, the diagnosis accurate, and the prognosis well understood by the patient. This clarity lets you eliminate all the doubt and risks involved in a situation where the doctor and the patient do not understand each other’s language.

What Does it Take to Be a Good Medical Interpreter?

It takes only a seasoned medical interpreter who only has been certified for this job, but also understands the idiom of both the parties. A highly skilled resource must be well aware of the medical terminology in both the languages, and also be able to handle real-life situations that may come in the way of clear communication. This is what our medical interpreters are ready for.

Their services can be used by

  • Medical practitioners (doctors)
  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical Brands
  • Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers

Speak Your Language’s medical interpreters are available 24*7 remotely or onsite in case of any urgent requests.