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How do I book an onsite interpreter?

Posted on: May 3, 2017 by admin

It’s very simple here at speak you language all what you need to do is fill the following our online onsite interpreting forms and speak your language will book an interpret for your assignment

Phone interpreting service

Clients in need of interpreting services can simply dial our number to get connected to an expert native linguist who can provide the interpretation service via telephone. Interpretation can also be done through a conference call to assist the client in interpreting what is being said by a third party.

Reverse phone interpreting

Our reverse phone call interpreting service is available to your client as they can call us asking to be connected to you as to advise you with important information or changes in their circumstances.

The Process

Your client needs to contact us on 1300 000 795. They will need to provide the following:

1.       Organization name
2.       Consultant name
3.       Client Name and ID number if available
4.       Language requested

Speak your language will then contact you advising the Client name and transfer the call across only if permitted.

Interpreting message delivery

Need to contact your client but not too sure if the language barrier will be a problem and you need someone to deliver the message on your behalf?

Speak Your Language can assist you by contacting your client to deliver your message and get back to you.

This process can be done over the phone or via email as we understand how busy you can be.

You can email us on providing the following.

1.       Your name and the organization name
2.       Client name and ID number if available
3.       Client contact phone number
4.       Language requested
5.       The message you would like us to deliver

Speak your language then will get in contact with your client and will reply to your email with the outcome.

I work for a firm that often requires interpreters who can come to our office to help us communicate with our client. Do you have professionals who can do this for oral depositions?

Yes, we do. Speak Your Language has several hundred highly qualified, accredited and experienced interpreters for oral depositions, covering more than 60 languages. These interpreting professionals interpret in both directions what a person has just said immediately after it has been said. A good consecutive interpreter will deliver the message with the same emphasis as the speaker, without embellishment.

Speak Your Language specialises in providing professional interpretation services in over 120 languages, in a wide range of specialised industries. For professional, attentive, well experienced, timely and cost effective interpreting, SYL is at your service. Call us now on our toll free number 1300 000 795 for the telephone or onsite interpretation assistance you require.