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Will Cheap Translation Services Cost More?

Posted on: December 11, 2020 by admin

The answer is yes – it will not give you the value you are looking for.

Value for money

As one of the best translation companies in Australia, the most common question we get asked is ‘how much does a translation cost’ and we are often asked about cheap translation services. We are not the cheapest translation company in Australia and we are not aiming to become one. We value our high-quality work and always aim to give our customers the best value for money through competitive and affordable translation services. Our goal is to deliver quality and reliable documents translation while maintaining competitive pricing, and we believe that cheap translations can end up being an expensive option.

What makes a cheap translation ‘cheap’?

Generally speaking, a cheap translation is completed by having an agency as a middle person sending your documents to a random online translator that is probably not a NAATI certified translator, or by using machine translation or a combination of both. This means that you will receive a non-certified translation that could include mistakes or inaccuracies in most cases as the translation is not done by a professional or a native speaker of the target language, what we call a ‘hit-and-miss’ approach to quality. One translation might be reasonably OK and another could cost you a lot.

At Speak Your Language, we have a team of professional translators that meet our stringent quality standards and have been meticulously picked from the best NAATI certified translators in Australia.

How does a cheap translation cost more?

Reputation damage: Inaccurate document translation could lead to brand and reputation damage. Do you want to break that trust? We value our reputation and are proud of the customer service we deliver.

 Tip – check the company’s Google reviews to know what to expect.

Rework costs: cheap translation companies might end up having to rework on the translation and start again from scratch, which is expensive as you have to pay to get the same job done twice.

Loss of sales: if you have your website translation done at a cheap rate, you probably end up with some error on your site. Customers will not trust you and you will have to repeat your website translation project.

Lawsuits: the last thing you want to happen is to end up with a lawsuit due to an error in a translation, for instance, if someone has an accident as a result of following less than perfect instructions for your product or service.

Professional Translators

We work with professional NAATI translators who are native speakers and are qualified translators with relevant industry experience.


We value their work and our guarantee to you is that the work is in context, consistent and much more reliable and accurate. Every project is proofread to check for mistakes or inconsistencies so we deliver a perfect translation for you.

If you are looking for affordable translation services without compromising on quality, talk to our team today.