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Will AI Translation Replace Professional Translators?

Posted on: March 8, 2021 by admin

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has seen a great improvement over the last decade with the technology allowing computers and programs to self-learn and improve upon themselves.

Through AI, computers can learn how to reprogram their code to allow for better performance. Translation services are one of the popular industries where AI is kicking off, but does that mean that professional translators can soon become replaced by AI translation services?


The Pros and Cons

AI Translation is great, but like anything in the world it does have its advantages and disadvantages, let us look at those in detail.

Advantages include:

  • It’s cheap. Works perfectly for those who want cheap translation services.
  • It’s fast. Computerised translation is obviously going to be faster than a professional translator.
  • Flexible. AI translation works well for those who want bulk translation into multiple languages, such as for use on a website.
  • Available 24/7

Disadvantages include:

  • It’s not nearly accurate enough for professional use, and cannot replace NAATI accredited translation services for different purposes.
  • Does not work well for specific industries such as legal and medical translation.
  • Might not interpret the right meaning in a different context which leads to confusing results.
  • Does not get the ‘humour’ or common usage if translating less formal content.
  • Privacy can be an issue when using online free translation tools.


The Reality

While technology is great for those who are looking for cheap or quick translation services for non-critical situations, you have to be very cautious when submitting translations to government bodies since they require accredited translations for documents.

If you need a document translated from any language to another, contact our team of professional translators now and avoid a poor-quality translation that could cost you time and money.