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Why You Should Localise Your Website?

Posted on: December 13, 2021 by admin

What Is Website Localisation?

Website localisation is the process of adapting website content to the local language and culture of your users. This allows you to provide the most valuable and relevant experience for your target audience. If you think it’s as easy as a simple text translation, you are incorrect!


Localising a website involves translation, specification, project engineering analysis and a firm understanding of the local vocabulary, grammar and style of speech. All of these factors must be considered to ensure the language used reflects the target audiences’ culture and society! It’s not a simple click of ‘Google translate’.


Why Your Website Shouldn’t Be Just In English?

If you are looking to expand your business to new markets and reach a global audience, website localisation is a powerful tool. More than ⅓ of all internet users are non-native English speakers. If the website is accessible in the users’ language, they will most likely stay on your website for twice as long. By using a professional translator, you can ensure that the grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, style and flow reflect your target audience’s language. This applies to your website copy, images, symbols, currency, numbering system, fonts, colours and date display.


Website Localisation Benefits

As we mentioned briefly above, there are various business benefits that localising your website can bring. On top of inclusivity and accessibility, localising your website will:

Expand your audience

Localising your website will increase your slice of the global pie! It will allow you to serve a broad audience and help you stand out as a business leader in your industry!


Increase Sales

The ultimate goal for almost all businesses! When you expand your audience on a global level, naturally, you will boost your sales. If you establish a firm website localisation strategy, your execution should help you acquire new customers


Build credibility

By making an effort to speak to your consumers in their native language, your potential customers will see that you’re serious about keeping their attention and catering to their needs! Your viewers will have a pleasant brand experience in their interaction, which is fundamental to creating brand loyalty.


Increase Brand Awareness

Translating your website to have multiple languages will increase your brand awareness. It allows you to be among the first to reach a foreign market in your industry, attract new customers and become an industry leader! It will bolster trust and familiarity among locals, which will lead to customers associating your brand with a specific service or product. This builds your reputation internationally and solidifies your entrance into the global market!


Expand Target Audience

If you are looking to target different markets around the world, your website should be an integral part of your strategy. Your website is usually the first interaction that potential customers have when looking for information. Although the internet makes global marketing much more accessible, companies with only an English website are not making enough of an effort to communicate internationally.


A multilingual website is an excellent way to test new markets and open the door to the international market. Catering to a broader audience means that customers who might have previously struggled to engage with your website can now easily understand and navigate your products or services! Having a multilingual site will provide a competitive advantage and can expand your target audience significantly.


For example, in China, the colour ‘yellow’ represents nourishing. This can be integrated into your website’s colour schemes and symbols during the localisation process. This results in your viewer connecting to the content displayed on your website and demonstrates a closer level of care and consideration.


Increase Website Engagement

As you introduce your business offerings to new users and build credibility, it establishes a real connection between your business and visitors. If the users find what they are looking for, they are most likely to return and even recommend your business to others. This results in additional website traffic, an increase in customer engagement and overall website interactions.


Increase Revenue

By expanding your audience and engaging with them in a meaningful way, you have a huge opportunity to increase your revenue! Most people would prefer to read content that is tailored to their culture and values. If your content is not readily available in the user’s native language, they are less likely to purchase. Localisation has a powerful impact that will increase leads and lend itself as an opportunity to grow your business significantly.


Website localisation is integral to reaching a global market and should include an execution strategy. It’s a more effective way to communicate and can provide more international traffic, improve user experience, brand loyalty, visibility and is a cost-effective way to scale your business. Hiring a professional translator to cover all the translation tasks is an integral part of a localisation plan.


Speak Your Language is a national organisation providing expert translation and interpretation services. We are an Australian owned company with years of experience serving businesses and government organisations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you localise your website and increase international interest.