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Who Can Translate Documents For Immigration?

As part of the process to migrate to Australia, you will be requested to provide a long list of documents to support your visa application. As a migrant, you will not be expected to have the original documents in English but you should be able to provide a certified translated document. We recommend that you should get all documents translated by a certified NAATI translator if you want to avoid delays or potential rejection.


What Documents Need To Be Translated For Immigration?

A document checklist is provided on the Department of Home Affairs website. Any document that you are providing that is not in English must be translated into English by a certified translator. This will also apply to all the dependents on your visa application. Documents that must be translated include


You may also need to translate other documents if the Department of Home Affairs asks for them. If your document is not available in a hard copy, you will need to get the document legalised before you get it translated. This is usually performed by the government that issued the original document in the form of a stamp/seal or by affixing an apostille.


What Are The Requirements For Translated Migration Documents?

The Department of Home Affairs will not accept any non-English documents that have not been translated or certified. All documents and certificates must be translated in full (no partial translation) and stamped by a certified translator. If the document is supplied in multiple languages (e.g. passports), you don’t need to translate it.

Documents that are translated by a certified NAATI translator doesn’t require additional approval or certification. The translated document does not have an expiry date however if the original document (e.g. police clearance or driving license) expires then the translation is voided.

Any documents that are not available in a hard copy (e.g. birth certificate or passport in digital format) will require legislation by the relevant authority before translation.


Can You Translate Your Own Migration Documents?

The straightforward answer is no. The Department of Home Affairs will not accept any document that has not been translated or stamped by a certified translator. Even if the document that is provided is accepted, you would want to avoid anything that may not be 100% accurate or correct as these mistakes can lead to your application being rejected.


Who Can Translate My Documents For Immigration?

The immigration department will accept any certificate or document that is approved by a certified NAATI translator or by local government bodies. For those that are outside of Australia, we would recommend requesting an online translation from an authorised translator in Australia.


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