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When Should You Avoid Cheap Translation Services?

Posted on: May 12, 2021 by admin

Some documents are extremely hard to translate and thus should be done by a professional translator or a reliable translation company to ensure they are done to the highest standards, especially if they contain sensitive information or are to be submitted to professional organisations or government bodies.

So what are the most difficult documents to translate?

Medical Document Translation

Medical documents are sensitive materials that require an exceptional level of detail as any error could lead to major issues. It is particularly critical and necessitates that the professional translator be specialised in the medical field. If medical reports translation is done at a cheap translation company, you might end up with a serious problem.

The more experienced the NAATI certified translator, the lesser the chance of errors due to their knowledge of medical abbreviations, idiomatic expressions, connotation, lexical meaning, terminology, and syntax, in addition to an overall in-depth understanding of the medical sector and its considerations.


Legal Document Translation

Due to the nature of the field and its sensitivity, it is not just about legal terms or jargon that represent problems. The complication of understanding the overall context of the document, to ensure correct interpretation and not just word-to-word translation, is also significant.

If a legal document is translated by a non-professional translator, or even by a professional translator who is not specialised in the legal field, things could go dramatically wrong.

Legal translations include policies and contract translations, which are difficult as rules and legislations are different from one country to another.


Creative Marketing Translation

Translating marketing ideas for submission and documentation within international companies is a bit tricky, unless managed by a professional translator, since these creative ideas are not meant to be translated word-to-word and what makes sense in one culture or language might not make sense in another.

Marketing ideas and copies also often use slang, which complicates the translation further. A short slogan might require a whole document to explain and interpret to pass on the right context. The concept of localisation is heavily used in those situations.


Some documents are more critical to translate than others and would require a professional translation company in Australia. Do not opt-in for the cheapest translation you can find online. Try and get the best value out of your translation agency and hire professional translators and interpreters that you can rely on.