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What Is An Academic Transcript And Do I Need It Translated?

Posted on: May 22, 2023 by admin

What Is An Academic Transcript?

An academic transcript (also known as a Transcript of Record) is a document that provides proof that you completed your listed education. The academic transcript should list all the subjects that you have completed as part of your course and the grade that you received for each individual subject. An academic transcript is commonly used to show that you have attained the listed qualification and provide detail about your achievement in each area of study.

How Do I Get My Academic Transcript?

Transcripts are provided by your educational institution. If you are missing your academic transcript, you will need to get in contact directly with your institution to request a copy. Alternatively, certain institutions allow you to download your transcript digitally.


Do I Need My Academic Transcript Translated Into English?

In certain circumstances, it is expected that your academic transcript is in English before it can be accepted. These are certain scenarios that would require academic transcript translation:

  • Applying for an educational institution in Australia
  • Applying for a job in Australia
  • Academic transcript submission for your Australian visa application

What Are The Translation Requirements For Academic Transcripts?

The translation requirements for your academic transcript will depend on what it is being used for. If you are using your academic transcript for legal or migration purposes, it would need to be NAATI-certified. This would mean that your academic transcript would need to be translated and certified by a NAATI accredited translator.

Documents that are submitted to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection must be translated by a certified translator and include the following items in the translated documents:

  • NAATI certified stamp
  • Practitioner ID
  • Translator’s full name and signature
  • Language and type of certification
  • Date of the translation


How To Translate An Academic Transcript?

A NAATI accredited translator will have the appropriate knowledge and language skills to accurately translate your academic transcript. Academic transcript translation tends to follow these steps:

  • During the initial stage, the translator must familiarise themselves with the document. This involves analysing the document’s format and identifying potential translation challenges such as translation illegibility, jargon and complex vocabulary.
  • The translator will then directly translate the document to produce an English version. During this stage, all words are taken into account and the translator will mark areas that they cannot translate accurately.
  • During the document review, the translator will double-check the translated document against the original version to check for typos and inconsistencies.
  • After the final document review, a NAATI stamp will be added to the document as well as all other necessary details.


If you’re looking to apply for a job, visa or looking to study in Australia, you will likely need your academic transcript translated and certified. Contact Speak Your Language today to talk to our NAATI accredited translators and ask for a FREE translation quote.