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What Are the Most Common Complaints About Translation Services?

Posted on: November 28, 2020 by admin

During the past few decades, the world has seen a huge transformation through globalisation, which in turn has created a need for reliable translation services whether through translation companies or freelance translators.

With the industry being full of cheap translators that are not certified as well as good translation companies, many translators report that it’s challenging to maintain their previous clients in a competitive market due to many reasons.

With the clients being very selective, it is important to understand why clients would leave to a competitor or what they might not deem a satisfactory translation service. As a leading translation company in Australia, we have many clients who need ongoing translation services, and they prefer to use us again for many different projects. These are the common complaints our clients have made about translation services they have had in the past with other translators:

  1. The translation was not delivered on time.
  2. The translator was not professional or has delivered a poor translation by demonstrating poor language skills: grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  3. Inaccurate or missing formation of the document translation. For example, did not translate the images or did not include tables, etc.
  4. Poor communication skills: not flexible enough or has not notified you when an issue occurred.
  5. The translator was unreachable at most of the time or did not provide enough contact options.
  6. The translator was not specialised in the required field, for example, medical translation or legal translation.
  7. The translator was not culturally sensitive or was not a native speaker of the source or target language.
  8. The translator did not provide the promised value and never returned the paid fee after delivering a poor translation.
  9. The translator did not respond well to your comments or constructive criticism.

To stand out from the competition, and to keep our clients satisfied, we guarantee each translation project completed by our NAATI certified translators.

Here at Speak Your Language, we take our translation projects seriously and have built a reputation on positive interactions with our clients throughout the years. Contact us today for all your translation and interpreting services.