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Translation Services: How Accurate is Google Translate?

Posted on: January 25, 2019 by admin

Many people looking for quick translation services in Australia tend to use Google Translate for their day-to-day express translations. This is obviously not a professional translation nor NAATI acceptable translations for official use, however they are accurate enough to use whenever the need for a professional translator can be waived.

The Google translation tool is also about to get a whole lot more accurate, with new updates introduced late last year, empowering people looking for online translations through advanced sophisticated artificial intelligence to provide accurate translations. This tool has been in testing phase for multiple language includes translations between English, Spanish, French and Chinese and has already become available to everyday users for Chinese to English translations. This system uses machine learning, a term that you’re going to be hearing a lot moving forward, to mimic the how the human brain works.

This system has also been tested by human, who were able to rate and evaluate how accurate the translations provided are and giving scores on a scale accordingly. With the new system, Google Translate now provide translations with a higher accuracy rate, being 60% more accurate than before, and using phrase-based machine translation, rather than word-to-word translations that could lead to non-accurate translations, as it used to translate one word or a phrase in the source sentence at a time, then re-order the words in the correct grammar of the target language, unlike the new translations system, which treats a whole sentence as a unit, and translate this unit in group.

Despite having a spike in its accuracy level, the model would still mistranslate rare terms and occasionally drop words, hence a professional translator will still be required for critical documents related to policies’ translation, medical translation or legal documents’ translation. A human being, and more accurately an accredited translator, would still have more common sense than any machine will. And when you look for a NAATI-accredited translator, make sure you’re going through the right translation company.

As a conclusion, Google Translate is great for a day-to-day usage, knowing that accuracy might be compromised. When you’re looking for translations that are accurate and certified, you need to seek a good translation company. If you’re looking to know the cost of translation services, get a free quote from Speak Your Language now.