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Translation Cost

Translation Cost: The 6 Translation’s Types to Pay For

Posted on: March 19, 2018 by admin

When you are looking for translation prices in Australia, you need to be aware of the degree of translation’s accuracy and how critical your translation service could be, to be able to assess how reasonable the translation cost is and whether or not you choose to pay for an express translation service.



General Documents Translations

Generally, uncertified translations ‘general translations’ are not widely accepted by government bodies & other authorities, since they not competed by accredited translators who completed their formal translation qualifications. Official institutions generally require certified NAATI-certified translations.


Certified Translations

The accreditation authority for translations in Australia is NAATI. When you are looking to translate important documents like passports, birth or death certificates, college transcripts and others, you will most probably be asked to provide a certified translation for the document being translated.


Legal Translations

When requesting legal translation in Australia, you should be very cautious not to go to a cheap translation provider, as amateur translators should never conduct this type of translation. Legal translations require skill and expertise of a professional legal translator, preferably NAATI certified translators, who are well aware of the legal terminology and the cultural use of the legal language. Legal translators should also speak both languages fluently, to be able to accurately deliver the translation from the source to the target language; they should also understand the culture and law of each country.

Legal translation services are sought for when there is need to translate legal documents, including translation of summons and warrants, registration certificates, corporate statutes, remittance drafts, texts for judicial purposes, minutes of court proceedings and many other documents.


Juridical translations

It gets more sophisticated when a legal translator is asked to translate legally binding documents that include law, decrees & regulations, or when there is a contract or a partnership agreement to be signed. In this instance, the chances for errors should be NIL, otherwise, you don’t want to sign a contract that has potential translation mistakes and start blaming the cost of translation.


Medical translations

Medical translations require a certified and well-experienced translator, as well as specialized medical knowledge background. Being one of the most challenging translation services, medical translation includes not only books & manuals, but also involve drug packaging & dosage details, as well as publications’ translation in the medical field. It gets even more critical when translating medical reports, drug instructions and many other aspects of the medical field.


Technical translations

While this is not a true definition of a translation service, but the word ‘technical’ here rather explains the fact that some translations require certain knowledge of a specific industry; be it engineering, finance, mechanics. When this is the case, you should seek a translator who has this very specific knowledge of the industry relating to your document to be translated.



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