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The Benefits Of Translating HR Documents

Posted on: May 22, 2023 by admin

The era of globalisation has allowed many companies to operate on a global level and for many companies, this requires employees from across the world to work cohesively towards the same goal. A diverse workplace offers a number of benefits and challenges. If your organisation has staff from a wide range of different cultural, geographical and linguistic backgrounds, translating your HR documents is vital to your company’s productivity, cohesion and engagement.

The Benefits Of HR Translation

Translating documents to a high standard can be time-consuming and can be tempting to skip, especially if your entire workforce uses a shared language. Though issuing HR documents in one language may save you time, it can end up costing you in the long run due to reduced productivity, confusion and legal problems. So what are the benefits of translating your HR documents?

Improve Staff Productivity

Even if most of your workforce may understand the HR documents in a specific language (e.g. English), translating the documents into your employees’ native tongue can make them feel valued and included. This offers a great boost to employee morale and engagement, which is crucial to productivity.


Clarify Company Policies For International Employees

Company policies and procedures are absolutely integral to the operation of any organisation and it can be a major challenge to ensure that the employees are compliant from a global level. These documents often contain specific terms with nuanced meanings that can be easily misunderstood by non-native speakers. Whether you have multilingual staff in one location or a global team, translating company procedures can help ensure all staff members are compliant with company policies.


Promote Cultural Inclusion

Creating an inclusive workplace should be an important goal for any global business. Many workplaces will have policies to promote gender equality and prevent discrimination based on ethnicity, race and religion. Providing HR documents in your employees’ native tongue can be an empathetic and inclusive way to acknowledge all staff members while demonstrating that you are a culturally inclusive employer.


Avoid Legal Discrepancies

Many HR documents serve a legal purpose, meaning certain documents need to be translated into the local language of the business operation. Translating all company documents can also prevent misunderstandings and legal complications that may arise.


Increase Employee Retention

Hiring and training new staff is costly and time-consuming, so it’s always a good idea to ensure you are doing everything you can to retain the staff you already have. Providing translated versions of HR and internal documents (e.g. employee communications) can help ensure employees feel fully engaged and included in the workplace. A company that fails to connect with linguistically diverse staff can cause them to feel alienated and disconnected from the organisation.


What HR Documents Should You Translate?

  • Internal Policies and Procedures – This includes harassment and discrimination policies, workplace health and safety procedures, employee code of conduct, disciplinary policies, holiday and leave policies and work break policies
  • Employee Handbook – Outline your company’s values, processes and other vital information your employees will need to know to complete their role
  • Training Documents – Ensures that all staff receive the relevant training to improve their skills.
  • Legal Contracts – Legal contract often includes complex legal jargon that can be difficult to understand for employees.
  • Employee Communications – Newsletters and company-wide communication that can help promote employee engagement.

Multilingual staff are becoming the norm in many organisations and translated HR documents are becoming increasingly valuable. Translating HR documents into your employees’ native tongue can help increase productivity and promote cultural inclusion. Contact Speak Your Language today if you require a high-quality translation service for your HR documents.