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Situations Requiring a Professional Interpreter

Posted on: September 9, 2019 by admin

Professional interpreters are hired every day for various purposes to convert a conversation from one language to another, therefore sometimes they are referred to as oral translators, which explains the service offered by many accredited translation companies in Australia.

Many Australian residents need a professional interpreter who can help them communicate in critical situations where a language barrier can add a lot of stress to the situation if the people engaged in the conversation do not have a strong command of each other’s languages. This is in addition to B2B situations requiring an ongoing relationship with professional interpreters for business meetings and conference calls.

While many situations will require a professional interpreter, here are a few examples for which we get recurring requests every day:

Medical Appointments

One of the common situations where hiring a professional interpreter is usually very useful, in cases where patients have limited English proficiency which would not allow them to fully understand a conversation, and sometimes provide an informed consent.

Your doctor would sometimes request that where a situation is critical, so make sure you find a professional interpreter in your local area beforehand. This works much better than just asking a friend or a family member to interpret the conversation, as you can usually ask a medical interpreter who not only speak both languages fluently, but also has a solid understanding of the medical terminology. This will also ensure nothing is missed or biased, and nothing will be hidden in any situation, and always ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Court Hearings

Let’s speak legal – do you really want to afford a mistake due to communication challenge or hiring a cheap interpreter? Definitely not.  A good professional interpreter must be used during any legal process, be it civil, criminal, legal or any court hearing.

This will ensure that during all stages of a legal process, a smooth communication is maintained so that you do have this peace of mind with no worries at all. You might also opt to choose a legal interpreter who is also well versed in legal terminology which could be very critical sometimes.

Business Relationships

Many international business companies have ongoing partnerships with translation and interpretations companies to cater for their daily needs, including communication between clients, contacting business partners, exhibitions, interpreting pivotal meetings and conference calls among many other business requirements.

Having an ongoing relationship with an interpreting company is important, as there are ongoing learnings within the industry that are important to maintain in order to ensure a smoother communication as the partnership goes on, especially when it comes to protocols and complex jargon.

Critical Interviews
A professional interpreter is important when a professional interview is conducted, not only for job interviews, but also police interviews, immigration interviews and interrogations to avoid any serious consequences due to language barriers, miscommunication or cultural incompetency.

If you expect to be in a situation where you will require a professional interpreter, make sure you hire an interpreter who is skilled both linguistically and in the specific area you need. Speak Your Language is your local experienced agency who can meet any language need you may have.