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Professional Translation Services: What to Expect?

Posted on: December 18, 2018 by admin

Serving as one of the leading translation companies in Australia for many years, we have seen many catastrophic results and consequences from clients who have used the services of non-certified cheap translation companies.

When you’re looking to cross the bridge of language barriers, it’s hard to choose the best translation agency, especially in cases where a technical translation is required, as accurate translations are of high importance. When you are looking for quality translations to be submitted to the government or official entities, you don’t want a friend who just happens to speak the language to be translating these documents for you. This is simply because this person – unless being a certified translator – could overstate his abilities, and the last thing you want is getting a poor or sub-optimal translation, as it could include misleading or inaccurate information, especially for those using the service for contract or policies’ translations.

Those who are after saving few dollars by seeking cheap translations might have to ask themselves: is it really worth the risks involved? Think about what could go wrong if you end up with inaccurate medical or legal translations.

Hiring a professional interpreter or translator has the following benefits:

Quality Translations

Remember, you are paying an accredited translator who has the expertise to not only translate your documents from a language to another, but most translation companies will have professional translators who have specific industries’ experience to use the correct terminology and manage complex translations.

Professional translation companies also invest in their resources, so they use special translation software & keep consistency with the technical terminology.

Culturally Correct

It’s not always about the grammar and the vocabulary, a native-speaking translator is always better to choose when choosing a qualified translator, as they can pick up any local slang, dialects, cultural influences or expressions.

Many languages might have slight differences from region to another, which might also influence the translation quality, which is of extreme importance when it comes to onsite and phone interpretations.


If you are using a translation company on an ongoing basis for business documents’ translations, you need to ensure they would offer the same quality every single time. You don’t want to damage your organization’s reputation or lose business because something has been miscommunicated to your business partners.

Looking to partner with a translation agency?

If you are looking to hire a professional interpreter or an accredited translator, whether on ongoing basis or for an ad-hoc project, talk to a translation expert at Speak Your Language now.