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Passport Translation

Passport Translation Service: What’s the Benefit?

Posted on: January 15, 2018 by admin

If you are travelling overseas, for any purpose including visit, study or a business trip, it’s always a good step to translate your passport. We asked many of our clients what made them reach out for a passport translation and we figured out that although a passport should be recognized by any country and accepted as a sort of ID, some countries require a certified legal translation of your passport, whether upon entry to the country or throughout the visit. In many other circumstances, it is requested by immigration departments while applying for an Australian visa, being the international travel document that is internationally recognized, however it is sometimes requested to provide a NAATI certified passport translation.


Defining A Passport

Governments issue this internationally recognized legal travel document for their citizens to allow them to travel between countries, certifying the passport holder’s identity, personal data and country of citizenship.

Having a passport however doesn’t necessarily mean you are allowed entry to any country, in many cases the passport holder should obtain a visa to visit or extend a stay in a certain country.


Why You Should Have a Passport Translation?

If you come from a country where the main language is not widely spoken, it’s always good to translate your passport prior to travelling overseas. This is especially valid if you plan on having any transactions during your travel.


When planning your trip, ask about any country-specific requirements. In Libya, you will be denied entrance if you do not provide an Arabic passport translation upon arrival. Other government entities and immigration departments will also request passport translations if the country’s official language is not the predominant language on the passport.

In some countries where the majority of the population speaks a different language, getting a passport translation is always a safe spot, saving you the hassle and time for a smooth travel.

You would be surprised to know that when passports were first issued in 1920, the League of Nations, which is the precursor to the United Nations, has decided that all passports should be issued in French in addition to another language, chosen by the country issuing the passport. English was not the language of choice, with French chosen as the primary passport language, as the League has decided that it was traditionally “the language of diplomacy”.


While some countries still issue their passports in French, many others are not. Some passports are issued in various languages, to avoid the need for passport translation.


If you are looking for a passport translation agency, providing accurate and certified passport translations at the best prices, contact Speak Your Language today.