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Legal Documents Translation

Legal Documents Translation: How Can We Help?

Posted on: October 17, 2017 by admin

At Speak Your Language we offer the finest legal NAATI certified translation for various types of documents in over 120 languages. We provide our legal documents translation in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania and Perth.

Our NAATI-certified translators have got a highly specialised knowledge of terminology and keen attention to detail to be able to provide our clients precise legal translations at the most affordable prices and in the quickest time without compromising the quality.

What legal documents can I get translated at Speak Your Language?

Speak Your Language’s team of qualified legal linguists can provides translation for a range of documents including, and not limited to, the following documents:

  1. Power of attorney translation

Having a NAATI-certified translation of a power of attorney document is essential for use in estate buying and planning as well as some visa applications.


  1. Bank statement translation

We can provide NAATI-certified translation for your bank account statement, which you will need when applying for a partner visa or when applying for a loan.


  1. Employment contract translation

We can provide NAATI-certified translation of your employment contract, which you might need to prove your skills or when applying for a visa overseas.


  1. Family register translation

Immigration departments may request a NAATI-certified translation of your family register as an evidence of your family composition. This may be requested in addition to translated birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates.


  1. Change of name certificate translation

If you had your name changed for any reason, including the change of surname to husband’s name after marriage, you will need to translate your name-change certificate when applying for a visa and in other circumstances.


  1. Export & import permit translation

When moving goods between countries, you will need a translation of your export or import permit. Having a NAATI-certified translation is important, but having it quickly is even more important.


  1. Police clearance translation

Expert NAATI-certified translations for your police checks, which are acceptable by all government departments. You might need this when applying for specific jobs, for a visa, Australian citizenship, or passport application.


  1. Statutory declaration translation

We provide top quality NAATI-certified translation of statutory declarations, which are needed in many sorts of legal processes.



What’s the cost of a legal document translation?

We will provide expert NAATI-certified translation for all your legal documents at the best rates in Australia. Simply, request a translation quote now.