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Individuals, SMEs & Corporate Benefit from SYL Interpreting Services

Posted on: November 1, 2017 by admin

Speak Your Language specialises in a range of translation and interpretation services where the professional translators and interpreters are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of quality in over 120 languages. We can provide on-site NAATI certified interpreters in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our stringent quality controls keep performance at levels that exceed client expectations.

For individuals, SMEs and large corporate always have certain situations where a face-to-face communication is mandatory and cannot be replaced by a telephone interpreting service. Different sectors including healthcare, law, finance, technology, human resources, computer technology and others, our onsite interpreting services will provide a more personal approach through human interaction and visual contact, especially in more complex or sensitive situations, including financial transactions, signing policies, banking services, travel planning and others.

We recruit qualified, accredited and experienced solution providers who are reliable, understand confidentiality and privacy and available upon request, to provide reassurance to our clients that a high level of on-site interpreting services will be standardized and delivered. Speak Your Language chooses interpreters trained in listening skills that facilitate accurate hearing, full understanding, immediate recall and perfect interpretation from one language to another. Client confidentiality is stressed on and our people have to sign off on client confidentiality agreements.

Speak Your Language also offers telephone interpreter service, and we are proud to have one of the fastest connection times in the industry. We can connect our clients to a professional interpreter in 30 seconds or less through our reliable call handling protocol to assess the client’s needs and match them to the right interpreter. To ensure the highest quality interpretation, we will select the interpreter with the best matching source and target language skills for your needs as well as relevant industry specialisation.

Another service by Speak Your Language is the reverse phone call interpreting service, where your client can call us asking to be connected to you so that they can advise you of important information or changes in their circumstances and details or to pose any questions they may have. This service will complement the telephone interpreting service to be able to provide you with a full interpreting solution.

Interpreting Message Delivery is also a premium service that Speak Your Language provides to its client, where we can assist you by contacting your client, delivering your message and getting back to you with the client’s response. We are flexible enough and this process can be completed over the phone or through email, SMS or other messaging service to facilitate multi-language communication to ensure that you and your clients are communicating effectively and that everyone understands the information being exchanged.

Speak Your Language has earned its reputation as a top notch interpretation and translation service provider. Our services are of the highest quality, our interpreters and translators the best the industry has to offer and services 100% accurate, reliable and confident.