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Migration Documents Translation: The Checklist

Posted on: September 8, 2017 by admin

Whether you’re moving overseas or applying onshore for a visa or sponsorship, you’ll be asked to provide accredited translation for many documents depending on the visa you’re applying for. Also, there’re some documents you will need to have translated for non-migration purposes. While planning is crucial for a smoother process, we thought we might be able to help you with this checklist as well as the professional NAATI accredited translation service for more than 120 languages.

Work documents

This is basically any document related to your career and can prove your professional experience, such as an updated copy of your resume and translated HR or reference letter from your former employer(s). All Australian employers require translated work documents in order to consider migrants for any jobs. You probably want to find a job as soon as you can, so make sure you have all your work-related documents translated and handy.

Educational qualifications

Make sure you bring all translations for relevant certificates, school records, diplomas, transcripts, degrees and any professional licenses and make sure you translate them. Many visas will require a show proof of your educational qualifications and have credentials assessed by a professional evaluation service according to your profession. You might also need these if you are planning to continue your education in Australia.

Legal documents

Almost every visa application will require some translated legal documents, this includes a translated birth certificate, translated passport, translated marriage or divorce certificate. You will also need a translated driver’s license as well as a translated ID document.

Medical documents

You will need to bring a range of  translated medical records for the whole family before you leave your home country. Translation of the medical documents is important for school admissions and continuity of health care through a medical practitioner. Example of important medical documents include any dental records, immunisations and prescriptions.

Miscellaneous documents

While we can’t think of all the documents you might need to bring and translate, we thought some of these might be important: certificates of valuation and authenticity for jewellery and other valuables, financial records and bank statements that could facilitate your credit approval in Australia, documents relating to any foreign income, properties or other investments.