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How Video & Phone Interpreters Can Help During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted on: April 15, 2020 by admin

With thousands of confirmed novel Coronavirus cases across Australia, many businesses have temporarily shut down in order to limit the spread during the pandemic outbreak. This virus has first broken out in Wuhan, in central China. The virus has now spread to almost all countries, with over 650,000 cases globally. The Australian Government is now making significant efforts to limit the outbreak, including limiting entry of travellers to Australia as well as quarantining for 14 days upon arrival.

For those who are looking for advice and helpful resources, The World Health Organization provides helpful insight into the Coronavirus, how it is spread and what health implications are involved. This has led to many businesses shutting down their offices and allowing employees to work from home instead of physically going to an office. Consequently, many important meetings have been deferred as it included international visitors flying from one country to another, or to limit physical contact. Since there is no indefinite end date for those changes, important meetings are now being scheduled online, and where the attendees don’t speak the same language, a professional interpreter is hired through one of the interpreting companies in Australia. Many interpreters are available for hire, depending on the technology required, whether that is through telephone interpreting – commonly known as phone translation, video conference interpreting, webinar live interpreting and many other ways available.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) & Phone Interpreting Can Help

At Speak Your Language, we would like to help businesses and individuals reduce the spread of infection by providing reliable interpreting services to those who need it, in order to help the Government and healthcare facilities take the required steps to limit exposure. We are happy to assist healthcare providers to consult with patients with limited English proficiency over video interpreting. This extends to other industries for business conferences interpreting, legal phone interpreting to offer advice to those who need it, and many other services.

We are committed to assist telehealth patients who do not speak English, or those who require Auslan interpreting services. Our technology allows us to do more than you would imagine, providing interpreting services to telehealth and VRI services in order to enable people to more easily follow the Government’s recommendations when it comes to preventing the spread of respiratory illness: avoiding contact with sick people and staying home as much as possible when sick.

This also allows out staff to stay safe, as remote interpreting services are helpful to reduce the spread of infection within the premises, as this eliminates the necessity of a medical or legal interpreter onsite, by having one less body in the room.

As the situation unfolds, we hope everyone is taking preventive measures to protect themselves and the community health and well-being. The use of remote interpreting services helps businesses and individuals reduce the spread of infection. See how easy it is to connect with a remote interpreter here.