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How To Get A Marriage Certificate Translated To English?

Posted on: June 14, 2021 by admin

Do you need a marriage certificate translated into English or another language? At Speak Your Language, we have the highly-skilled NAATI certified translators that can translate your certification and legal documents within 24 hours depending on the level of certification required. These include marriage certificates, birth certificates and divorce certificates.


Why You Might Need A Marriage Certificate Translated

• You are getting married overseas
• You are in entering divorce proceedings
• You are applying for a visa
• You need to register an overseas marriage
• You are applying for citizenship

To comply with the rules and requirements that commonly accompany these situations, your marriage certificate translation must be certified as complete and accurate. Speak Your Language will provide you with official documentation confirming that your certificate has been translated by a professional NAATI accredited translator. You can be confident that your marriage certificate will be immaculately translated and guaranteed for acceptance by the Australian courts and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


What Is The Process For Marriage Certificate Translation?

1. Contact us by phone or online for a quote
2. Assigned a dedicated project manager
3. Send us a copy of your original document
4. Your new document is translated, proofread and NAATI stamped
5. We provide your paper copy by mail or collection, and a PDF copy ready for submission. This includes NAATI certification documentation.


Challenges When Translating Legal Certificates By Yourself

Variances In Legal Systems

Since different countries have different legal systems, each certificate will have variations in form and the terms used. This is why it is so important to use a translator that is well versed and has relevant experience.

Differences in terminology

Unless the translator is skilled and experienced in the nuances of each language’s legal documents, ambiguity can be created.

Tone or register

Legal English documents are usually formal and impersonal in tone and use a passive voice. When translating into English, the translator needs to understand that variations in tone could lead to a variation of meaning in the document.


When handling legal documents such as marriage certificates, all parties must maintain strict confidentiality. You should research your translation options and ensure you choose a trusted professional company.

Let Speak Your Language take care of all your translation needs. Contact us today or call us on 1300 000 795 for a NAATI translation quote.