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How Much Does Translating a Document Cost?

Posted on: October 2, 2018 by admin

As a translation company in Sydney servicing Australia-wide, the most common question we get from our customers is about the cost of a document’s translation, and why the prices would differ from a translation agency to another. This depends on various factors, so we thought it’s important to share these with our customers.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Translations

  1. Language

Not all languages are equal when it comes to translations’ cost, and this is because some the languages require a higher skill or the availability of accredited translators for certain languages is less. This is also true when the language translated from or into is not English, which then becomes an addition to the process. For example, if a document needs to be translated from Mandarin to Portuguese, this would generally require an initial translation from Mandarin to English, followed by another from English to Portuguese, to ensure the most accurate translation is provided.


  1. Time

Like most services, an express translation service will cost more than a standard translation. This is purely a market consideration as it would mean some work will have to be prioritised without having to go through the queue and is obviously subject to the availability of the accredited translator.


  1. Size

Another logical factor that is usually based on the word count or number of pages to be translated. Larger documents will cost more, taking into consideration all the other factors mentioned in this article as well.


  1. Nature

The nature of the required translation dictates its price. Is it a NAATI-certified translation? Is it a document requiring a certain skill such as medical or legal documents’ translation?

Projects like thesis that might involve a team of translators are some the translation we receive requests for regularly, which also costs more. Also, some clients require multi-lingual translation for e-commerce products, which in turn have to be delivered in a certain format and adds more to the cost.


  1. Quality

You don’t want to go for cheap translations when you’re looking for migration documents’ translation or any other official organisations, so paying an accredited translator will ensure you receive an accurate translation that has also been verified.

If you are looking for any documents’ translation, you can request a free quote online now from Speak Your Language.