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How Important is NAATI Accreditation?

Posted on: August 20, 2021 by admin

The primary aim of the National Accreditation Authority For Translator and Interpreters (NAATI) is to maintain and promote high national standards for the interpreting and translating industry. It awards different types of accreditations based upon the level and type of job. NAATI accredited translators are the only translators accepted by employers for interpretation and translation work in Australia, as the person comes with an assurance of high quality. This ensures that there is a pool of accredited translators and interpreters that can meet the demands of language translation. The accreditation issued by NAATI permits translators and interpreters to easily demonstrate their high level of competency.


How to get NAATI Accreditation?

There are 4 ways to gain NAATI accreditation:

  • Passing a NAATI assessment test
  • Completing a NAATI approved course at a recognised NAATI institution
  • Provide evidence of tertiary translating and interpreting qualification
  • Evidence of international professional memberships


A NAATI accredited translator and interpreter is an acknowledgement, that person can provide certified translated documents and is trustworthy. A translator needs to be trustworthy and have excellent communication skills, as they are conveying not only words but the tone of the client. As translators and interpreters can be working with sensitive information, it is important for them to be certified by an official body.


Importance of NAATI For Immigration Purposes

NAATI accreditation is not only used for proving the quality of a translator or interpreter but is also critical to those that are looking to migrate to Australia. All supporting documents used for migration that is in another language will need to be translated.

Why Do I Need My Documents Translated by A NAATI Accredited Translator?

Accurate translation of visa documents is an essential requirement for immigration. For anyone who wishes to apply to reside in Australia, migrated related documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate and transcripts etc.) that are not in English have to be translated by a NAATI approved translator before they are presented for processing. Rejected or mistranslated documents may cause a delay in your visa application.


It is important to check the credentials of the translation services you have selected, as accredited translation is required for migration documents. For this reason, the service should not only be accredited by NAATI but also can work within your deadline.


The NAATI accreditation is an important certification for interpreters and translators. This accreditation ensures that all documents and messages are of a high standard. Documents that are translated by certified translators are recognised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


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