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Healthcare Interpreting Service: When to Hire a Certified Interpreter?

Posted on: April 1, 2019 by admin

Australia is a multicultural country, welcoming visitors & migrants from different countries to stay in Australia, some of which would not necessarily be fluent in English, which means they’d require a certified interpreter in certain situations, including when dealing within the healthcare industry.

A healthcare interpreter provides connects the dots through a professional interpretation service between two persons speaking different languages who are looking access medical services but their competence in English might not be sufficient enough to fully understand the conversation – which is sub-optimal in sensitive situations including medicine, court hearing, finance, and others.

A patient for instance might need to communicate with a doctor, nurse, hospital staff, radiologist, pathologist or any health care service provider. If a medical facility requires a healthcare interpreter, they would usually give directions on where to hire an interpreter, and whether their physical presence is required, or can benefit from a cheaper alternative like phone interpreting.


Proficiency of a Healthcare Interpreter

A typical certified interpreter will speak at least 2 languages fluently and might have studied medical terminology in both languages to be able to provide a seamless interpretation when it comes to medical-related words for patients who might have limited understanding of English, especially if the patient is required to agree or sign an informed consent form.

There are other factors that a certified interpreter is aware of, including the cultural differences that exist between people, privacy & confidentiality, punctuality & reliability.


Careers for Certified Interpreters

If you’re facing difficulties finding a job a certified interpreter or NAATI-accredited translator, you might need to accumulate some useful experience through a reliable translation company in Australia. If you are determined to make a career of being an interpreter or translator, you can talk to the team at Speak Your Language, where you can build up your profile and get the required training to be part of an interpreting agency. Once you have built up enough experience, you will be ready to take projects and work to deliver the quality we’re used to offer to our customers.


In a nutshell, a healthcare interpreter is vital to provide smooth operations within a healthcare facility, but it’s important to find a reliable healthcare interpreter who can offer quality interpreting services. Talk to Speak Your Language today for all your translation & interpretation requirements.