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Express Document Translation: Step by Step Guide

Posted on: August 9, 2019 by admin

At Speak Your Language, we conduct hundreds of documents translations in over 120 languages on a daily basis. Being in the industry for long enough, we understand many customers are often in a rush to receive their translated documents as quick as possible, so we ensure our translations processing times are minimised without compromising quality, providing express documents’ translation at affordable prices.


How to Order Translation Online?

At Speak Your Language, we offer the convenience of requesting your document translation online after receiving your free quote. This guide will simplify the process in few easy steps.


  1. Decide the language to which you would like the document to be translated into, this would vary according to the purpose of the translation, or the entity you wish to submit the translated document to. In certain instances, we might ask which country is targeted, as certain languages can have some differences according to the country you are submitting this document to, for example it’s “Recognise” in Australian English, while it’s “Recognize” in American English. Other differences could include grammar, terminology, vocabulary or pronunciation.


  1. Advise your translation company if there is a definite deadline they need to meet when requesting a quote, even if you are requesting an express translation, you need to be realistic with the time frame, especially if the document to be translated is too long, especially as most accredited translators prefer to send a draft for review.


  1. Send your document to your translation company and let them know if you require the document to be delivered in a specific format. If the document is technical, let your translator know of your preferred terminology.


  1. After the accredited translator completes your translation, it will go through proofreading and editing stages then sent to you for review. When reviewing the translation, ensure you have checked the following:
  • Any name is written correctly
  • Where possible, the appropriate terminology is used
  • The document matches your required layout and presentation
  1. Once you approve the drafted translation, a final accredited translation will then be sent to you by your translation company, with a hard copy posted to your nominated address as well.

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