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Australian citizenship document translation

Documents Required to Apply for Australian Citizenship

Posted on: February 19, 2018 by admin

Getting your Australian citizenship application ready is one of the most important steps in your life, and thus you need to make sure all your documents are provided in the right format, including documents translation & certification for all the documents required in your application.

When getting all your paperwork ready, remember that some exceptions might apply, depending on different circumstances. Generally, you will need to get three types of documents for your citizenship application. Whether applying online or a paper-based application, make sure your original documents are ready for your citizenship appointment.

  1. Translated Proof of Identity Documents

You will need 3 documents that provide proof of identity, displaying your personal photograph & signature, current address & date of birth in addition to your name as well as evidence of identity in the community.

Your checklist could include:

  • Certified & translated passport (if not in English)
  • Certified & translated driving license (if not in English)
  • Certified & translated national ID document
  • Certified & translated UNHCR document
  • Certified & translated birth certificate
  • A utilities notice such as electricity, gas or water bill
  • Rental contracts or rates notice to prove your current address
  • An identity declaration signed by an Australian citizen with the correct authority.
  • In case you had your name changed, you’ll need to provide a translated birth certificate along with a certified document proving the change.

2. Translated Good Character Documents

Becoming an Australian citizenship, you will need to provide good faith & showing a good track of records in the past. This comes in the form of a translated legal document called penal clearance.

Your checklist could include:

  • Translated police clearance from any country where you stayed for more than 90 days cumulatively since you have been granted a permanent residence visa in Australia.
  • Australian police clearance


  1. Translated Supporting Documents

This section would vary according to each individual’s circumstance, but could include any evidence that would entitle you for exemptions or any special circumstances.



Remember, the department will not accept any of your documents if they are not in English, you will need to obtain official translations for all your documents. When applying in Australia, you should provide NAATI accredited translations for all the documents. You might need to do some research to find competitive translations quotes by accredited translators. In many cases, you can order an accredited translation online and receive it by post.

You will also be asked to provide certified copies of the official translation of the document as well as the original non-English document.

For any translation requests including migration documents translation, contact Speak Your Language now.