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Courtroom Interpreting Services

Court Interpreting: For When You Need a Professional Service

Posted on: July 31, 2020 by admin

As part of our range of translation and interpretation services, Speak Your Language also offers professional court interpreting services across Australia, making it easy for those with no proficient English skills to feel confident in a court situation. Interpreting services can be used during a court hearing, this is why professional legal interpreters are available to ease communication and resolve any barriers.

At Speak Your Language, we have a team of diligent legal interpreters who will go above and beyond to help with court interpreting. These services include interpreting for magistrates’ courts, county courts, supreme courts, federal courts, family courts, the high court of Australia, tribunals and commissions, council meetings and much more to ensure you have a solid case. We tailor the right interpreting service to your case requirements through a panel of professional court interpreters.

Our legal interpreters are not just NAATI certified interpreters, but they are well-versed with all the linguistic complexities involved in court hearings to help parties involved swiftly navigate through negotiations and agreements. Our court interpreters are diligently selected as we understand how critical these situations are. All interpreters undergo a strict selection process before joining Speak Your Language’s team of professional translators and accredited interpreters. Having a team that is certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) gives our customers peace of mind and high-quality experience.

We have been helping a wide range of law firms and lawyers nationally through a team of quality interpreters offering professional services that also extend to accredited translation services in over 120 languages. We assist our clients with various settings such as hearings, trials, depositions, conferences, conference calls, and interviews.

Our professional interpreters are available across Australia and are ready to provide onsite interpreting services as well as phone interpreting – also referred to as phone translation – and video conferencing interpreting.

Our professional services not only ensure that you will get the best court interpreters available, but we also require our interpreters to comply with the professional etiquette that is in line with the judge and community expectation. When you hire a court interpreter through Speak Your Language, we will ensure our interpreters have the appropriate clothing, behaviour and certainly the confidentiality required in those matters to be able to offer professional and unbiased interpreting solutions. We do our due diligence to ensure there is no conflict of interest for any reason, including any potential cultural, political or religious conflicts.

We offer a fair billing structure for our certified interpreting services to ensure the service is affordable and competitive, ticking the boxes for quality service and exceptional value. Our highly-regarded court interpreting services never compromise quality.

Translating what a great lawyer has to say in court takes a highly specialised skill from a professional interpreter that works alongside different parties as well as witnesses to help you build a winning case.

Our team will invest the time to understand any relevant documents, affidavits, witness statements, and expert reports before the court hearing for a successful outcome. Contact our team today.