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Accuracy Alert: Legal Translations & Court Interpretation

Posted on: December 3, 2018 by admin

When you are looking for certified legal translations and court interpreters, you must ensure you don’t go for cheap translation services where accuracy or speed is no priority. At Speak Your Language, we understand legal documents translation & court interpretation requires an exceptionally high level of accuracy & speed. Since we have been legal translation providers for renowned legal firms, we always respond quickly to handle urgent translation & interpretation requests, providing express translation services without sacrificing quality, accuracy or attention to detail.

We cover all types of legal translations & interpretations, including corporate, international patent, migration, court hearings, criminal, tax, copyrighting, trademark and general practice law in more than 120 languages backed by a large team of accredited translators & interpreters to ensure quick turnaround.

Legal Interpreting and Translation Projects Covered by Speak Your Language

  • Onsite Interpreting (example: court hearings)
  • Video Conference Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Records & Reports Translation

Challenges with Legal Translation Services

  • Deadline & time pressure due to the nature of the translation or interpretation
  • Some concepts & terminologies are just not translatable (example: habeas corpus which only exist in the USA & the UK)
  • Legalese and regional variations (think of the French used in France versus that used in African countries)
  • Cultural & religious considerations
  • Different notarisation & certification required

Court Interpreting Services

Speak Your Language has a dedicated team for court interpreting services, backed by a number of certified court interpreters to help individuals and corporations through hearings, trials, depositions, conferences, conference calls, and interviews.

Our certified court interpreters have the required knowledge of the legal terminology, and comply with the professional court etiquette and attire, as well as the guaranteed privacy of our customers.

It’s now clear that translation services for legal documents as well as interpretation is sensitive situations must only be done by accredited translators who are also subject matter experts with deep knowledge of the laws of the source and target languages as well as countries to avoid wrong translations.