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A Guide to Phone Interpreting & In-person Interpreting

Posted on: February 22, 2019 by admin

In a day & age where translation and language services are becoming more essential for businesses’ success, especially in a multi-cultural country like Australia, interpreting services are also becoming a must for effective communication, and our role as a leading translation & interpreters’ provider is to provide the required service along with the technology that makes it work flawlessly.

Interpretation service providers offer a variety of types: face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting, reverse phone interpreting and video remote interpreting, with each interpreter service having its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

In-person interpreters usually do better as their physical presence can do a much better job, as they can read body language and facial expressions, since people tend to communicate much more with a body than words. This also means that your accredited interpreter can pick up any confusions and built rapport between the recipient and client.

In many cases though, it’s not always possible or easy to find an affordable interpreter, which is when telephone or video interpreting comes in handy, with the latter being a great solution for emergency situations such as an Emergency Room at a hospital. This reduces cost and saves time. Equipment, however, can be an obstacle, as there would be some requirements to set up a clear video and audio connection.

Telephone interpreting is faster, and require less equipment, as pones are accessible pretty much everywhere. Some interpreting companies, such as ourselves, pride themselves on being able to provide you with affordable telephone interpreting in any language in a timely manner.

Phone interpreting is great for situations where a face-to-face meeting is not required, such as when a meeting is already taking place over the phone, including telemedicine, appointment lines, advice lines, and other numbers for service over the telephone.

This is not always the better option to discuss a more critical or sensitive topic, such as when discussing personal, legal or health issues. In all cases, Speak Your Language guaranteed the privacy of all work completed through the company. Our professionals are trained to follow proper ethics, keep confidentiality, use culturally appropriate communication and more. 

These are only examples of some of the uses Speak Your Language can provide to its customers. We cover over 120 different languages on the phone and in person. Contact us when you need to hire a professional interpreter.